Tor and vidalia on different machines

5 months ago


I installed tor on router asus RT-N65U and vidalia on windows PC, how to connect them?

ControlPort, HashedControlPassword configured in torrc, vidalia.conf:


but vidalia is trying to start tor, not connecting to starter tor.

Are there other tor gui, which can solve task?

5 months ago

From Vidalia FAQ:

Can Vidalia "attach" to an existing Tor process?

Yes. Before Vidalia starts its own Tor process, it always first checks to see if it can connect to the control port of an existing Tor process. All you need to do is enable a control port on the Tor you already have running, and Vidalia will connect to it instead of starting its own Tor process.

So, if it tries to start it's own Tor process, that means that connecting to existing one fails for some reason. Maybe firewall?

5 months ago

I checked torrc and add ControlListenAddress, this helped, thanks!


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