Tor browser and e-mail address

last year

Heya, guys

I am using Tor browser from some time, few weeks maybe and I am still trying to determine the level of anonymity that the browser gives.

I am using the browser to advertise a service that I am offering in social networks. I create the accounts using e-mail and since I am using Windows OS, I was wondering if could get any information about my real identity when I am using their e-mail services. I am asking this because I have heard that if some company has a software installed on your computer, it can detect your MAC address. And what concerns me in particular is the fast that when I log into my e-mail, it shows that I am active in Skype and Messenger. Since I never linked my skype account with the account, they shouldn't have such kind of information right?

So my question is - is there any chance that Microsoft and could have any kind of information about my true identity, I mean about the fact who uses the particular e-mail address and such? Is there any way for them to disclosure my true identity if the police asks them to? Such kind of things.

Thanks in advance to anyone who would be kind enough to answer my question.

Best regards,


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