Tor trying to connect to etlservicemanager

last year

I'm on a Mac(10.8.5) and regularly use Tor. When started, the firewall shows me it's attempting to connect with
"etlservicemanager" through various ports. It also tries to connect to ftp and some random IP addys with no process specified.
I usually only allow it to connect to HTTPS connections.
So, the question is: Should I allow these other connections or try and force the HTTPS? What is "etlservicemanager"?
All help appreciated.

8 months ago

I have a similar question, and I'm really kind of amazed neither of us has gotten an answer. As I write this, you have 186 views, and my question has 40 views. A lot of people without answers!
I use Little Snitch, which denies outside connections to applications/processes unless you've allowed it. When I use Tor Browser, it is trying to make connections on multiple ports, and numerous servers. Most of them seem to be using port numbers in the form: 9XXX, although there are requests on port 443. I was under the impression that the Tor Browser only used port 9150 to connect to the network, but clearly this is not the case. I've set Little Snitch to allow the Tor Browser to make any connection, since I don't know if any particular ports should be blocked. I don't know if this is a safe setting.
ETLservicemanager is a service that uses port 9001. I have no idea what it does, nor how it relates to Tor, and clearly no one else on this forum does either.

7 months ago

I actually forgot I posted this. Weird that there's no reply. I also use Little Snitch and just don't allow anything other than
HTTPS since I haven't been able to find anything out about this issue.
Good luck,


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