Tor v0.2.7.2-alpha Win32 standalone version (no DLLs needed)

4 months ago

Tor v0.2.7.2-alpha (git-36c0ae6f7834af16) running on Windows XP with Libevent 2.0.22-stable, OpenSSL 1.0.2d and Zlib 1.2.8.

file type: Win32 EXE - PE32 executable for MS Windows (console) Intel 80386 32-bit
file size: 1.94 MB (2,037,774 bytes)
MD5: 22ea06ca616d5aeeb58eb19eab3dca08
SHA1: 29e86e1b9ab88a9ae2ad2c2d817813419acda61c
SHA256: 888ca9f5112d4d3933c0b112bff207b489db61acd281be3ad082ea298a2c948c

download link:

Note: This is a standalone version (no DLLs needed) built from the latest sources (Tor v0.2.7.2-alpha, Libevent 2.0.22-stable, OpenSSL 1.0.2d, Zlib 1.2.8). For TOR relays or other high skilled tasks.

Feel free to test it on other Windows OS (7/8/10) and give me feedback. Thanks.


Here is a TOR non-exit relay bundle ready-to-run.

download link:

Unpack torrelay.7z in C:\

Run next command in a CMD window:
start /DC:\torrelay\Tor\ tor -f C:\torrelay\Data\Tor\torrc

And here is "TCP Monitor Plus" - A very good portable (no need instalation) japanese monitoring tool to see the internet traffic of your PC.

download link:


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