8 months ago

Hello! How do I configure Tor's TORRC file to be a DNS resolver? I'm trying to get wget to work on onion websites which it currently does not, at least for me. I believe that if I can configure the TORRC file to be a DNS resolver I can solve this issue, but I don't know how. Also which Torrc file do I configure, because there's three,TORRC,TORRC.orig.1, and TORRC-defaults. Thank you very much in advance!!!!

8 months ago

Just plain TORRC would be the one to edit. But I don't think you're right about needing to configure something in there in order to do DNS lookups through Tor. I'm guessing because you haven't given a whole lot of info, but it sound like maybe what you need is a proxy like polipo or Privoxy to sit between Tor and wget. Tor is a socks proxy, not http.


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