Vidalia torrc configuration doesn't work

last year

I'm using Manjaro linux
I configured torrc with Vidalia to use Ukrainian exit nodes.

ControlPort 9051
DataDirectory /home/?user/.tor
DirReqStatistics 0
ExitNodes Yolo,Ukraine,toxiroxiUA,putin0huilo,Janus0,Janus1,chebik,FreeNet1,FreeNet2
Log notice stdout
SocksPort 9050
StrictNodes 1

But when I start or use new identity in TORBrowser my ip is not restricted to Ukraine. Every time it is from different country.
I guess TORBrowser doesn't pick up settings.

Any help appreciated!

last year

Tor Browser uses it's own instance of Tor. You need a different version of Vidalia to configure it. (Yeah it's annoying, I don't understand why they did it this way.)
Anyway, you can get it here: ... e-bundles/


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