What do Tor Hide and Safe for me?

8 months ago

Hello Guys,

First Question:
If I became a new Identety from Tor (i using the Tor Browser) does it also deletes all the Cookies?

Second Question:
Does Tor hide or manipulate the time that i am Standing on a Website?

Thanks Bunda

ps. Sorry for my bad English..

7 months ago

First Question:
Yes, the "New Identity" option clears just about everything. It even seems to clear the clipboard.

Second Question:
I'm not completely sure I understand. But I think the answer is no. In general terms, Tor hides who you are, not what you do. In other words if you go a website, read page A and page B. The website will know that somebody visited those two pages and at what time each page was viewed. They just won't know it was you who did it. Or if if you used the "New Identity" command before viewing page B, they won't even know the same person viewed both pages.


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