Anonymous blogging

2 years ago
Hi dear ppl. I have a question regarding anonymous blogging. I used a non traceable email account to register with my blogging provider. I choose a free (wordpress) account. And I use Tor to upload my posts to my blog. Because of the regularity of my posts I am starting to fear if my blogging activity is really anonymous or not? What do you think? thanks in advance

2 years ago
There are, of course, countless things that could go wrong. But everything you described sounds good.

2 years ago
Ok, thanks U.E.

last year
In Wordpress, each new post allows for the user to actually make a post visible to the public according to time.

You could post right now but set the actual display of the post date to sometime in the future. Always delay them in different increments and remember:

Nothing is ever 100% anonymous.


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