Captcha revisited mid 2015

last year

What has been improved in terms of possible "leaky Captchas"?
Its been a year or more since one govt possible claim of leaky captcha and mis matched exit node(s)
helped break Tor anonymity.

I have seen the blame on google for the captcha's.

I have a terrible time with the captcha's myself. All im going to state is
that its impossible for me to have them display clear enough to read them.

What should the tor users know about the use of them? Origins of them? Security risks associated with them?

Thank you in advance.

a non techy.

last year

bump, seems like a longstanding issue that nobody has bothered to explain adequately for us earthlings.

NOTE: In my case I am referring to the Recaptcha Javascript checkbox that pops up with pictures of food that you have to click.


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