Imei,mac adress...using tor

4 months ago

Hi,I want some clarification on the IMEI and mac address using tor.

1-if i connect my tablet (wifi + 3g) to a public wifi hotspot without sim inserted and without any personal account registered on it and using tor, are sent to the provider information as a the imei number or mac address? I mean you can go back to my device or, since I'm connected to a public hotspot, you can only back to the owner of the network?(and in any case it's would be very difficult due to tor)

2-i know that through some java script it's possibile to identify the mac adress, it is also possible using tor?

3-in general, what information of a mobile devire are sent using tor with a wifi connection: imei, mac, serial number or only the IP address that is assigned to you from the provider?

P.s. sorry for my bad english but i'm not a native english..

thank you very much


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