Keeping webpage anonymous

2 months ago

I believe I've done what's necessary to keep my new simple website anonymous. Contacted hosting (Trilightzone) with a Countermail account via TOR. Set up domain and hosting. (they also give domain privacy) I paid by mailing a blank money order, and never gave a name.

I use Tor whenever possible, but also have PIA VPN. I created the webpage text on Notepad, saved to a thumbdrive, and edited it with a free HTML editor from I used the VPN for this download. The editor is called CoffeeCup.

Trilight will install the page for me, when I email them the file.

Is there any way the text, file info, editor, ANYTHING can be traced? I appreciate your thoughts, as I'm not as experienced as many longtime TOR users.

Let me add I'm using a second hand Craigslist laptop, that I nuked by to factory settings. It doesn't have my name attached to anything. I also discovered how to check the properties in files for tracks. Doesn't look like anything that could be traced in the properties.


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