LastPass + TOR = Anonymous?

8 months ago

Dear friends of TOR,

could you give me your idea whether using TOR in conjunction with
the password manager LastPass would compromise my anonymity?

LastPass stores passwords on their servers. I do not know how often
it needs to be accessed. Once per browser session (one could switch
to a new TOR identity afterwards) or before every login to a site.

I am afraid using the LastPass account would allow adversaries to create
a profile of mine then.

Any ideas on that?

I really tried hard to install any other password manager with browser
extension on my Linux. Only LastPass works. And I really need a tool
to manage my login data.



6 months ago

What would be ideal is if Lastpass could be convinced to setup Tor hidden service access to their servers. That way all Lastpass extension connections over Tor would be end to end encrypted.

I do not trust HTTPS to keep my traffic secure from malicious Tor exit nodes. Also your traffic is exposed to analysis and fingerprinting once it leaves the tor network.


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