!!Need help - pedophile i our neighborhood

6 months ago

Hi all,

We're totally frightened about a pedophile who's searching our neighborhood.
He has 2 years old son - that little guy is always screaming and crying, while his nanny is off.
Please help us! Polish police department is totally unreliable!

Only hope with you guys and girls!

His data is:
https://www.facebook.com/search/results ... n+Kozaczuk
corporate address: bohdan.kozaczuk@cosco.pl

Please, w need help!!

6 months ago

There is no way we can help, i don't know why you are asking help here anyway. I would actually just kill the dude with my gun if i knew the kid was in danger. Just call the police and report it, as many times as you have to. They can't just ignore you, right?
Besides i think you're trying to make a joke, in which case i'm happy there is no kid being harmed, but i still hate that people like you find this kind of jokes "funny".


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