Privatoria secure file transfer and data storage servic

last year

Privatoria is a secure file transfer and data storage service.

Key features are:

[list]256 bit AES encryption for the data itself and SSL encryption for the transfer channel. It means the service themselves can't view the encrypted file as it's transferred over an encrypted channel.
The file is purged from the server after 24 hours or right after the download by the recipient.
There's a 20-digit code to decrypt the file. Share with the recipient via any other channel (phone, skype, piece of paper, whisper in the ear).
Same paradigm work with messages.
Maximum file size is 1GB.[/list:u]

The service also offers a package of anonymity and encryption services including:

Tor Integrated Proxy
Secure Chat & Calls
Anonymous E-mail[/list:u]

24 hours free trial


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