Tor Operations Security (Tor OPSEC) & Security Resources

5 months ago

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Tor Operations Security (Tor OPSEC) & Security Resources:


and covered here with comments: ... opsec.html

A few things are missing in this document, or are incorrect, out of date, etc. but not many. Here are a few:

A) Scroogle Search Engine - no longer exists - instead use, web search and proxy or:

B) Doesn't mention but should - DuckDuckGo's Tor Hidden Service:

C) Tagmeme Subhack site doesn't exist anymore, it's been
replaced by different people with unrelated content

D) It doesn't mention BadBIOS but should

E) It doesn't mention Wikileaks - The Spy Files

F) Doesn't cover it all, as mentioned below.


Here is a nice list of Security Resources:



Please mirror, copy, distribute the content at the Cryptome links above.
This is not a complete guide to TOR OPSEC or Security Resources

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