Tor over PIA

8 months ago

I am using the proxy service Private Internet Access (PIA) in Windows 7. They provide an app which when installed seems to channel browsers through the VPN without any special configuration by me. For example I am currently using Firefox 37.0.2, I have made no configuration changes, but Google thinks I have a London IP address.

I also have Tor Browser, and when I installed it, I opted for the standard configuration. If I use the Tor Browser with the PIA client running in the background, will it also channel through PIA and pass its Tor network requests through there?

When I asked PIA what would happen if I ran the Tor Browser while their client was running, they said the Tor Browser would probably fail to connect to the Tor network (or anything else). But when I tried it, the Tor Browser worked just fine. And that is why I suspect Tor is connecting directly to the Internet, and not channeling through PIA.

I am just curious. I'm not a fugitive or anything. :D

8 months ago

They said this is impossible, but i still think Tor was connecting via PIA.

So your actual scheme was: you -> pia -> tor -> tor exit node -> target website.


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