Upload pics with TOR BROSWER

8 months ago

Hi, (sorry for my bad English I'm using a translator)
I am the admin of a major blog on wordpress of politic, denouncing corruption in my country, but this is very dangerous in my country.

For this I use Tor Broswer to protect me.

I wanted to ask: In practice, I loaded on my blog an image, using Tor Broswer, I wanted to know if Broswer Tor protects my real IP even if I run the upload of a photo.

In practice I run the typical upload a photo: Upload photos ---> look at the library (in pc) ----> selected photos ----> run upload

can you tell me if my identity is safe?
Thank You

7 months ago

Beware of EXIF metadata in your images: GPS coordinates, type of camera, Photoshop licence, etc. Google for EXIF remover.

The rest is fine: uploading images is done via same Tor Exit Node.

PS: To keep safe not only from your Internet Service Provider, but also from Tor Exit Node (which can listen to your traffic and steal your password when you logging to your blog admin panel) - always use HTTPS://, not HTTP. Big blogservices like blogger.com or tumblr.com usually don't allow you to connect via HTTP, so you are safe with them. But if you are using your own wordpress installation - you should install SSL certificate and enable https by default.


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