Using Tor on an IPv6 connected ISP

6 months ago

Hello all!

I am running Linux and sometimes I use a virtual machine as a "Tor middlebox", like described here: ... or-network

My ISP has announced switching to IPv6 and ds-lite soon. I know that there are going to be massive changes along with that, and I know that I really need to learn a lot about that new technique. The biggest question I need an answer to is this: can I safely use my middlebox as I do now on that new connection any more?

Can IPv6 be anonymous at all? As far as I understand it (which is not much, I have to admit), IPv6 somehow provides a unique IP to every machine in the world, so any machine can be identified, can't it?

A second question would be: I get a higher bandwidth as well, so I am thinking about running a relay. Would this be possible on IPv6 / ds-lite?

6 months ago

So, doesn't any one know an answer to this? Or is this question too simple, am I supposed to know that some how?

Dear admin: if I used the wrong thread, please feel free to put my question into the wright one.


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