What is the safest email?

2 months ago

In order to become Tor enabled, one must submit an existing email, no? Which email server can ensure the most anonymity, security?

2 months ago

You don't have to enter any email in order to use Tor. Just download Tor Browser Bundle from http://torproject.org and run, and you're tor enabled.

Also check out mailinator.com - they give you one-time email, which you can tell anybody without any fears.

For secure email use PGP - this is a must nowadays. http://gnupg.org

last month

If, like many people concerned with privacy, you're searching for that elusive JavaScript-free webmail service, you might check bitmessage.ch out. Whether you're interested integration with the Bitmessage service itself or not, they provide free email without using JavaScript or asking nosy questions. On the other hand the actual content of your mail may be no more secure than anywhere else, and because it's a free service, there's no telling how serious they are about keeping it running long term.

4 weeks ago

any e-mail that you encrypt you messages in and thru with PGP.


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