Will my past lack of prudence affect my anonymity?

5 months ago

In the past, I have to admit, I have been super careless on the internet on and off tor. It was almost reckless, doing things that could jeopardize my future and internet anonymity which I value.

I am just curious how difficult it is to clean up your dirty trail. I'm talking about things like private mail accounts used for illusory bitcoin accts that are operated simultaneously on google as accounts that are obviously connected to my RL identity. I have done my best to clean up and I know that once something happens on the web its there for good and my biggest concern is big brother.

How do you stay anonymous?

5 months ago

Just don't bother. You are normal man, you have Facebook and Gmail Account, you have some everyday Internet activities, favourite sites, browsing habbits... This is normal. Everybody does.

More of that: you have your smartphone connected to your personal accounts, or you used it at least once to get access to your Skype/Email/Viber/etc. So basically there is no such thing as privacy nowadays. You should understand this.

So just don't think of it as "hiding" yourself from Big Brother. You are not hiding. You live your life relaxed, and don't care about surveillance.


For your Tor activities you should imagine yourself a completely different personality, who has nothing to do with real-you. New browser, new email address, new nickname, nationality, age, sex... Make "a new virtual copy of yourself". And act on behalf of this "new person".

Can this person log in to your "real-life" FB acount? Of course, no. He should have his own, if needed. And even friendship with "real-you" is compromising. Same for other.


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