Bridge Email not working

last year

When I send a Email to using Gmail and I place in the body "get bridges" . I get the following Email response.

Welcome to BridgeDB!

COMMANDs: (combine COMMANDs to specify multiple options simultaneously)
get bridges Request vanilla bridges.
get transport [TYPE] Request a Pluggable Transport by TYPE.
get help Displays this message.
get key Get a copy of BridgeDB's public GnuPG key.
get ipv6 Request IPv6 bridges.

Currently supported transport TYPEs:

BridgeDB can provide bridges with several types of Pluggable Transports[0],
which can help obfuscate your connections to the Tor Network, making it more
difficult for anyone watching your internet traffic to determine that you are
using Tor.

Some bridges with IPv6 addresses are also available, though some Pluggable
Transports aren't IPv6 compatible.

Additionally, BridgeDB has plenty of plain-ol'-vanilla bridges - without any
Pluggable Transports - which maybe doesn't sound as cool, but they can still
help to circumvent internet censorship in many cases.

[0]: ... ports.html

<3 BridgeDB

this has not worked for a year and I would like to know if this is working for anyone else or is this being fiter by my ISP :evil:


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