Did bridge address format changed?

5 months ago

I guess it dates back from last week, when the JS vulnerability was uncovered.
Tor Pluggable Transports stopped download momentarily, and since it's been re-enabled, bridges now show up in a different format.

No obfs3 and obfs2 addresses anymore. What's happening?

If one goes to bridges.toproject.org now, one gets 3 adresses, mostly on port 443 - which seems a good thing to me - and each of them repeated 3 times, for a total of 9 addresses.
It looks like it's broken. What's the point of displaying 3 times the same 3 addresses?

How do you get obfs3 bridges now? Shall we try with all the addresses, see if the work with it?

thank you for pointing me to any info on the topic, I've been able to find any communication about it.


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