Facebook suggested events always in Baghdad, Iraq

last year

I've been using Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) on Linux as much as possible since the Edward Snowden revelations last year in order to try to regain some of my privacy & human rights illegally taken away by NSA-GCHQ. Until now that has included logging into my Facebook account (which is in my real name.) However according to the notes on TBB in this section...


...of the extremely useful Prism-Break website, it is 'counterproductive' to sign into websites that contain your real ID using Tor. I guess this is because, even though I always connect to Facebook through HTTPS, the URL (captured by TEMPORA/ UPSTREAM) contains enough information to link my connection to my identity through my account so my connection to other sites could be compromised? It's also worth noting that Facebook is part of the NSA's PRISM program too, giving the state backdoor access to Facebook's servers - so we should all really be finding alternatives to Facebook and other compromised services. Personally, I'm looking into setting up my own XMPP, Retroshare & SIP servers to give my friends safer alternatives. (http://prism-break.org/en/all/#sip-servers)

Anyway, the reason for my post is that when I view a Facebook event page while logged in to Facebook with TBB, something extremely weird happens. All the 'suggested events' that come up on the right of the page are ALWAYS in Baghdad, Iraq like this...

I presume that these suggested events are supposed to be related to my apparent geographical location (ie the geographical location of my current Tor exit node.) So I would expect them to be from random locations around the would, like, for example, Google Adwords adverts are on StartPage when using Tor but this isn't the case.

Can anyone explain this? :?

last year


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