How can i install latest flash player to my tor ?

8 months ago

i can't install flash
i do

*set always active Shockwave Flash
*Uncheck disable flash

pls help me guys :D

6 months ago

Torbutton has forbidden plugins including flashplugin by default, just uncheck this function.

Plugins may not follow the proxy

6 months ago

You can, but you really, really shouldn't. Flash looks like it's part of the browser, but effective it's a whole separate program. Tor will NOT protect you when you use Flash. Unless you're using Tor for some purpose other than protecting your identity, using Flash completely defeats the purpose.

4 months ago

I have that problem too. I can't watch the facebook's movies, why a i don't know, doesn't function, the movie window keeps black and nothing happens after. :o


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