Intermittant hidden service availability

last year

I have setup an IRC server for my business associates that is running as SSL tunneled over the tor network running as a hidden service. Initially it wasn't working at all but then suddenly it was. I shut the server down overnight and brought it back online and again I'm unable to connect. The last log entry on the server is Bootstrapped 100%: Done, which I believe means it is connected. I have also verified the hidden service is running with netstat -tln .

Tor Server: Tor
Tor Client: Vidalia 0.2.21

IRC Server: ircd-hybrid 1:7.2.2.dfsg.2-10.ssl1 / Custom debian build (.deb) with ssl support added
IRC Client: XChat 2.8.9

The error I am getting in XChat + Vidalia is ...
Proxy failed to connect to host (error 4)

I have tried restarting tor and changing identities in Vidalia but neither are working. What can I do to improve the reliability of this hidden service?

last year

It seems I have found the source of the issue. I opened up my torbrowser which has been reconfigured to point to vadelila and I see "Something Went Wrong!". It seems the number of points of failure for a tor service is a bit high.

Vadelia reports: Rejecting SOCKS request for anonymous service

After switching things around so torbrowser functions I'm still unable to connect to the remote service. It seems the TOR network itself is broken, I can only assume the NSA is responsible. Custom encryption with 512MB+ keys seems to be the only alternative to make sure I can talk about business issues without risking my ISP selling my business plans to the highest bidder.


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