need some help

4 months ago

so i just moved to swansea for my studies and i can't connect to the tor network. I'm using the university internet connection which requires a unique username and password for each student. all help is much appreciated. thanks :D

4 months ago

You can buy Amazon AWS, or any VPS, or web-hosting with SSH access, and use it's IP to browse internet (and for Tor outgoing connections). If you'll have SSH access to any computer outside your campus network, the rest is given by SSH Tunneling (ssh -D) technique. Google Tor over SSH Tunnel, - that's how you can run Tor 'as it is running on IP of your hoster', and use it from your home computer.

The other way could be Tor bridges. We need to know how exactly Tor is blocked in your network.

What is the program you have to enter your username/password before accessing internet? Is it like web-login or like VPN Client? What are your network settings after you get connected? And what is shown in Tor error log?


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