Problem with TOR to watch BBC abroad

last year

I'm using Tor Browser Bundle (Linux and Windows versions) to watch BBC iplayer abroad. To manage this, I have inserted the following lines in torrc
ExitNodes {GB}
StrictExitNodes 1
When I go to the BBC website, it shows me the UK version of the site...then I go to iplayer tab and select my program to watch.

So, everything has been working fine since January 2014, when I started using TOR. However, during the last 3 days, there is a problem:
Although TOR is giving me a UK IP address, the BBC website is not a UK version, and there is no iplayer tab. On the other hand, the site is neither the international version I get when I don't use TOR.

Please note that ITV player, which is also available only in the UK, runs fine with TOR. I know BBC changed iplayer recently, however TOR had been able to run the new iplayer.
Also, I don't think there is any issue with my ISP, since the problem appears with two different ISPs.

Any insight and/or help on this issue would be very welcome.

Many thanks

last year

I have the same problem, and sorry no solution. I have tried programming into the torrc file a list of individual GB exit nodes which are running, taken from the Tor Network Status web site using Advanced Query, and none of them work any longer. The only thing I can think of is that the BBC have worked out some way of blocking those exit nodes from accessing iPlayer??

last year

Same problem in Baltics. Any help would be appreciated.

last year

iplayer stopped working for me also. It seems like BBC introduced sort of active blacklisting of TOR exit points.
Can someone confirm this?


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