"real" geographical public IPs

last year

I set TOR to only use nodes from England/UK. I want to "appear" with an IP located in the UK.
I'm disappointed and puzzled:
- if I use an IP locator (such as, say, Geo IP Tool), I'll obtain one of the following two results:
1) "anonymous" location (so, totally useless - no evidence of "England"/UK)
2) Country: England (good! :) ) BUT empty blocks for "Region", "City" ecc. which is bad. As a matter of fact, when I use my real IP, the path is COMPLETELY located, not just the nation but also Region, City and so on.
So, a poor performance for my purpose, 'cause it's quite obvious to guess I'm using a NON real IP... if you see what I mean.

Any solution?

I tried this:
I went to the Tor Network Map and after sorting the relays by nation, I analysed those with the UK flag, by coping each public IP and pasting it to an IP locator.
What I found was a bit wired (to me):
- 25% are actually not in the UK, but elsewhere (France, Germany etc; usually in Europe) - so whay do they appear with the UK flag???
- 50% are either "anonymous" or in the UK but with no other geographical clue as for Region, City ecc. (as I described before)
- 25% are, finally! good IPs meaning that not only they are located in the UK, but also in a given Region and a certain City (just as my own IP would appear) here some node names: JointNetBridge; sherberslinode ecc.
Now, I tought: well it's easy: I'ill edit the TORCC file, using that Nodes - combined with the StrictExitNodes comand line! So I added:

ExitNodes: JointNetBridge,sherberslinode, and others
StrictExitNodes 1

AND...TOR DIDN'T WORK! :o In the log file, the report alert (on yellow) something like "couldn't find an exit node"
Any clue why?


last year

Empty blocks for 'Region' only means that IP database is not very accurate. Big ISP's can assign IP adresses dynamically to their customers all over the counrty, so there is no way to determine City/Region . Sometimes (AOL, CloudFlare..) even country is hard to guess. So you'll never get 100% correct results with geo ip database.


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