Some clarifications in arm tool

4 months ago

Hello everyone. I recently started using my RPi 2 as a Tor Relay and i have some issues that i would like to ask for advice and maybe some fixes if possible.

Before i get into any details, i would like you to know that i'm using the latest version of Raspbian Weezy. I also did apt-get update and upgrade with the normal Raspbian repos and have also added the torproject repo to update Tor.
Now, the problem is that i'm getting some "notifications ?" in the arm tool when starting it up.

I would like to know if those notifications affect the relay in anyway and if they can be fixed. The other thing that kinda bugs me is that i can't see the uptime. I searched for answers on google, but haven't found anything that's useful.

So if anyone can advice me what to do, that would be great.


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