TOR browser keeps logging me out

6 months ago

I'm not sure which version of TOR browser I have but I'm having a very annoying problem. When I use the browser and after logging into a website. Few minutes later. I am logged out and have to re log in. If I try to click a link on the site or anything it just logs me out. Is there any way to fix this and have me logged in it? It's a website with a chat system in it. But it also does it any website, facebook, twitter, reddit and so on. And no matter what it keeps kicking me out and have to re log in.

So my question is how can I stop it from asking me to log in?? Which settings do I turn on and off?

Thanks in advance

6 months ago

Most likely this is due to changing IP Addresses. You might try using one of those free web proxies IN ADDITION to Tor. This way Facebook (for example) will see the same IP address all the time. Another thing that works on some sites (like this forum) is to just check the "remember me" button when you log in.


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