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last year

Hi all

I am new here and have a question about using TOR as an anonymous middlebox.

I have a Windows machine and I want to anonymise my internet useage from time to time. The TOR browser is a fantastic application for basic web browsing, however as soon as you watch a Flash video, run an app outside of the broswer you're screwed.

I have a spare Dell box with two NICS, if I install Ubuntu server on it, install TOR and configure it correctly to listen on both NICS, and use this computer as a gateway server for my Windows box, can I stop things like flash from giving away my real external IP address? I'll configure the Ubuntu server's NIC's on two different networks. One that is on the same network as my router and one that will be on another network that my Windows Box will be on.

In a nutshell what I want to do is get all my network traffic from my Windows box going through TOR.

Who thinks this will work lol?

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!


8 months ago

So no one has any opinions...


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