last year

Until recent Tor version changes, I was happily using Tor/Vidalia/Polipo to scrape web pages from PHP code running on Windows 7 Pro with IIS. I never need to use Tor from an actual browser.
I'm not doing anything dubious – the web pages concerned used to have a proper API for reading the data. The API changed, so scraping was the only answer. My code fetches many pages in rapid succession. So I also need to change my apparent IP address every few minutes, otherwise the target site will challenge me as a robot.

My PHP code is based on proxyConnector: ... twork.html
I have read the post at
which might help. But can you help with a few points?
I am totally ignorant about ports, sockets, proxies etc.
1) Do I actually need Polipo? If so, where can I find it?
2) I keep reading that I should be using SOCKS5. But the code mentioned above does not use CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE. Does this matter?
I can post some of my version of the code if that would help.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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