Using one Tor service through local networt

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in my local network at home I have one PC (XP-SP3-32) where I run tor (through Vidalia) all the time.
I disabled exit relay.
On this PC I use a normal Firefox Browser through Privoxy and FoxyProxy when I need Tor service, which works fine then.

Now I would like to use this same Tor service on other browsers in the same network, is this possible?
On my MacBook (Firefox) or my friends Samsung Note 10.1 or my SGS2 phone (rooted) for example.
I can use tor for each of this devices, but it would be handier if I used just one tor, I think.

Is this possible?

I tried different settings in the network settings of Firefox of the MacBook but I don't get any connection.
How is the exact setting or what do I need to realize this scenario if it is possible?

Thank you


EDIT 2014-02-04: Nobody knows the answer?

last year

If your home PC (XP-SP3-32) has local IP address, say,

edit your torrc file:

then restart Tor

then use it everywhere as a usual socks5 proxy: Host: Port:9100 Type: Socks5

Should work all over inside your network.

last year

Sorry for late reply, just now saw I this answer.
But doesn't work: Proxy-Server rejects the connection.

But sorry, isnt it anyway 9050 the port for socks5 of tor?
Doesn't work with either port anyway, same error.
Firewall disabeled.

EDIT: Sorry again, I mistunderstand totally, I set it like you said and this IS working, thanks.
I set in my torrc:
SocksPort 9050

With this tor on my PC is listening on both ports, on 9050 only locally but on 9100 in the local network.


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