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4 months ago

HANSA Market URL: http://hansamkt2rr6nfg3.onion/

HANSA Market Registration Link: http://hansamkt2rr6nfg3.onion/affiliate/860

The Darknet Market with the main focus on a trustless payment system, which makes it impossible for the vendors OR the site staff to run away with Bitcoins of the buyers.

Here are the main features that distinguish HANSA Market from other Darknet Markets:

2-2 multi-signature escrow between vendors and HANSA

Funds can only be accessed by the vendor after the buyer finalizes a transaction and can never be accessed by the site staff. Theft from either party is impossible.

No Bitcoin deposits

Every order has its unique Bitcoin address similar to BitPay's or Coinbase's payment system. Buyers have 15 minutes to pay the order and do not have to wait for deposits to arrive. Payments are submitted to the vendor after 1 confirmation and the vendor is then given 24h to accept or decline the order, which transfers the funds into our multi-signature escrow system or back to a refund address, which the buyer provided.

No Finalize Early

We do not support FE or partial escrow releases and we don't have to! The multisignature escrow makes it impossible for the site staff or vendors to steal any Bitcoins.

Other features

Sophisticated search engine, i2p support, Bitmessage notifications, optional auto-delivery for digital goods, high server uptime

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last month

Why did you post this in September??
Hansa was already seized at that time


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