Hardware & Processor ?

last year

Thank you for any assistance from a non techie.
Ive read many essays on safely browsing for anonymity and correct ways to use Tor vs. incorrect ways.
If I have this right, Noone should ever simply install Tor browser into any Windows OS and presume they're safe.
Recently Ive also read, "just do NOT use a MacBook!"...but this statement didnt specify any model or processors.
Therefore my question is:
Provided Tor is used as part of a Browser Bundle in combination with the Amnesiac incognito Live system and a virtual
host machine, completely separated from any manufacturers installed operating systems (Windows versions or Mac OS versions) - are there any particular warnings for Hardware?
PC machines/processors vs Apple machines processors?
any recommended to avoid? (no I promise this wont get back to them- LOL)


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