Help! I've been Hacked! Iphone, They are listening!

4 months ago

I have been hacked. They are listening in through my Iphone. It's been 2 months maybe. I didn't know what to do, so I hoped time would set me free, but "they" whoever it is, is still here, listening. I have proof, but that doesn't help me. I want to find out who it is, if that is possible, and I want to make my phone and Macbook SAFE.
Is this possible? Am I screwed?
Please, they are sending things to my workplace. This has gone far beyond a simple hack, so please take this post seriously.

I need advice, resources, solutions, tracking methods, stealth modes, ect.


last month

You need privacy... on an iPhone??
Very hard i guess.

What kind of things are sending you?

Is your workplace at your home or your company ?

If they are spying from your webcam, just cover it like Zuckerberg and many others did as well.
If even a tech guy like Zuck did it, it does make sense.

They are listening to you?
Remove the battery from your phone.

last month

Why have you been targeted? Are you a rich/important person?

What are they sending you at your workplace ?


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