Tor Browser Bundle 3.0 - A Review

2 months ago

I recently tried the beta release of Tor Browser Bundle 3.0 and found both good and bad.

The Good

First of all, it starts up really fast. The old TBB could take a minute or more to start. Not anymore. This version starts up in just seconds. It's almost disconcerting. But it easy enough to verify that you really are using Tor, so that's great.

And since they obviously intend to treat this as private browsing "appliance" it just makes sense to consolidate and simplify the interface. For instance Vidalia had options for hosting hidden services or sharing bandwidth, but that made little sense when the whole thing is going to terminate as soon as you close the browser.

The Bad

As usually happens, some useful features unfortunately got lost in the interface redesign. The main one I would miss is Vidalia's version of the "New Identity" command. Torbutton has a command of the same name, but it's different. It closes everything (without warning you, in fact) and restarts the browser. This is overkill if all you wanted was a IP Address (perhaps it was blocked) or a new circuit (bad connection). I think Torbutton should offer both commands, perhaps under the names "New IP Address" and "New Identity (Restart)".

Also, I had hoped tighter integration with the browser might mean that the bogus "Launch Application" warning had been fixed, but it's still there. On the one hand, it's just an annoying message, easily clicked away. But on the other hand, if it were true, it would be a very serious security warning. I don't think displaying something like that falsely should be taken lightly. I feel they're essentially training users to be careless by ignoring warnings.

4 weeks ago

The 2.3.25-1x version I think the best of the best anonymous network across the Internet and I thank you very tenacious work of the designers!
I have downloaded Tor Browser Bundle 3.5 it is a pale imitation the tor-browser-2.3.25-13_en-US originally, and I'm using the good old series.
-Vidalia completely missed
-No Tor Network Map (which you can be select current exitnode or exitnodes whose IP address you want to use)
-No Hidden Services (Services funktion) simple configuration interface
-No sharing funktions
-It used to be easy to delete The Firefox Portable Folder if not the main Tor Browser but I wanted to use another browser I did not want to start the tor browser.
-the official website of the Tor could not find the old versions like (tor-browser-2.3.25-13_en-US) or 2.3.25-15 for windows.

2.3.25 unfortunately it did not work torrents which would have been good.I was hoping to solve this the future because many people wanted.The old design was already working out well.I think you should not perform a stripped-down browser.I think many people would like you more and more in the future work program with like torrent programs.and now this third.I think the 3. series is not worth what followed was far the the old series has proven.Practically, the 3 series, I can tell a completely different program, not good reason.I have the old version, the only problem was that the torrent was not working with him and it was so well skype,but I have not changed anything else because it was doing it perfectly.The Tor network embarked on a path toward success which I think is not a stripped-down browser. instead of preferably a large network of many programs which can be used (SkypeTorrent cilents,Download managers).


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