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Hi all,

I'm trying to find a web host that is TOR network friendly. In the past, when I use TOR to connect to my website, I'm constantly black-listed due to constant IP changes. That's what I like about Tor, but it's a real pain to reset my website password all the time. I also have to constantly contact the web hosting company to get my account unlocked. It's also not feasible for most web hosting companies to constantly white-list every new IP I'm assigned.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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Find several random ExitNodes with good uptime and use only them.

Put this in your torrc file ( something like Data\Tor\torrc )

ExitNodes agent007, PsychoManiac, TORmenTOR, Voyager001...
StrictExitNodes 1

You can write here names, fingerprints or IP addresses of exit nodes.

4 months ago

I have run into similar problem with TOR.

the fact that JAVA is always disabled is great for security,,,not so great when signing up for servers to build websites whom are almost all Java based web designing programs.

I have found one free webhost to date who's interface is not Java based, .

if you guys know of any more I would love to know them myself.

Anonimity on the web, begins with an anonomous email IMHO, so the ideal webhost would not only be functional with TOR but also allow anonymous email providers as valid during sign up, sadly most of them do not, most deny ones like hidemyass or bitmessage as "invalid" emails.

Like I said, so far the mentioned above is the only one I found that allows registration using hidemyass email and is TOR freindly (no java) in their website designer/publisher interface.



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