Useful Tor links (with description)

4 months ago

A very difficult thing in the Tor deep web is obtaining links. Here is a short list, with description.

New Tor Directory. It is a big Tor directory where links are classified by topic: hosting, forums, private sites, communication, hacking, librarys/wikis, markets, link lists, social, other, adult, security. You can also vote if a link is good or it is scam.

Wikileaks, the official page. You can find a lot of information and leaks.

Onion Chat Rooms. Chat working without javascripts. It is organized in several rooms, usually not many people around, but if you have a question you can post it and come back in 6-12 h. If you join more than 2 rooms at once, it can be very slow.

We Fight Censorship. It is a Reporter without borders project that aims to combat censorship and promote the flow of news and information. The site contains new and also useful suggestions about web security.

Code: green. Ethical hacktivism for a better world. It is a community about free right of expression developing political subjects and art.

The Imperial Library of Trantor. More or less 55 000 ebook in several languages available here.

Tor Upload. It is a file hosting: here you can upload archives, images and videos for 30 days.

Cipolla 3.0. An Italian free forum where you can discuss about several subjects in Italian.

Le Tesseract. A French free forum, but I don't know the subject.

4 months ago

Dutchy Forum. A forum about several arguments in Dutch.

Sigaint: darknet email service.


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