Tor does not connect since update

2 years ago
Hi guys,
I have been using Tor Browser for quite sometime now.
Just a few days ago the onion icon started flashing and then main page kept warning me I am not using the newest version.
I have clicked on the update and updated and got the TOR bundle.
Ever since the update I am unable to connect and use TOR :(
I have tried adding bridge and all, but no luck.
Tor is stuck at the Relay. Tried lots of methods : NO LUCK :(

last year
I've had a possibly similar issue from a couple updates ago.

The UI often doesn't pop up. But the processes are there:
tor.exe *32
firefox.exe *32

This is on Win7-64.

After killing the processes and trying again, sometimes everything proceeds as normal. You might try that.

last year
Also it should be noted that this is no longer an issue for me when I switched to the Tor Browser alpha 4 version.

last year
Try Setting your "Open network settings" to this computer goes through a firewall that only allows certain ports.


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