Tor-enabled Debian mirrors

2 months ago
Tor-enabled Debian mirrors

"Richard Hartmann, Peter Palfrader, and Jonathan McDowell have set up the first official onion service mirrors[1] of the Debian operating system's software package infrastructure. This means that it is now possible to update your Debian system without the update information or downloaded packages leaving the Tor network at all, preventing a network adversary from discovering information about your system. A follow-up post[2] by Richard includes guidance on using apt-transport-tor[3] with the new mirrors.

These services are only the first in what should hopefully become a fully Tor-enabled system mirroring "the complete package lifecycle, package information, and the website". "This service is not redundant, it uses a key which is stored on the local drive, the .onion will change, and things are expected to break", wrote Richard, but if you are interested in trying out the new infrastructure, see the write-ups for further information."

[1] ... an_mirror/
[2] ... or_part_2/

Source: ... -30th-2015


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