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isnt the forum just dead?

  Inform   last year

I just looked on the overview page:
first, strange that we don't have https here...
second, there are really a lot of posts, but no fucking answer to any of them (except in some cases). So, isn't this forum just dead because there is nobody here to help? Where can we go ...

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This site has wonderful URL

  askworry   last year

This site has a wonderful URL and also very short, its URL is very direct to to it is where to discuss Tor.

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one more step, Really?

  cknox2015   last year

One more step
Please complete the security check to access
asking for a CAPTCHA code then a box with "Leave a message for the site owner? (100 characters left)', above it. What is this page? why do I see it all the time?
what the hell is this page?

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does Tor have encryption available ?

  xcaret   last year

I just joined am am wondering if encryption would be a good idea, since Tor prevents tracing emails ,might as well go for the whole thing

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Could you please MERGE the AGORA threads?

  qwerty   2 years ago

mods, please merge the AGORA threads into one master thread.
i don't know what the content of the AGORA threads are but it looks like spam, clutter, and disorganization. TIA

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Re: Cheap K*tchen Units Sale

  Unnamed Entity   2 years ago

Would it be possible to auto-ban anyone who uses the word k*tchen?

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Hacking Software

  boomtingz1   3 years ago

I'm looking for software which allows me to gather data and information about particular person or persons which include their email addresses and search history. I would like to find software that can easily obtain their passwords and an easy way to deploy a key logger remotely.
I am lo ...

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