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VPN + Tor = more anonymity?

by loverock in Security Questions

  fritz   8 months ago

So, with the current way, that Tor -> VPN scheme won't work, okay.
But there is a serious reason to make it work somehow. Especially in the case of Air VPN which accepts anonymous Bitcoin payments. I mean, in that case you're really much more safe in case somebody's on your tail. First, the ...

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Very slow speed

by egavga.bgi in General Questions

  fritz   last year

BThanx! I think you metioned the point.But isnt there a possibility for right now to speed up the internet and surf with tor anyway, maybe i can change a special parameter?

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Onion TOR forums

by SchoolSucks in General Questions

  fritz   last year

isn't TOR a program that allows you to browse anonymously, not sites that hide who visit it? No, there are websites that are only accessible through TOR.

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