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Tor trying to connect to etlservicemanager

by mld277 in General Questions

  sudon't   7 months ago

I have a similar question, and I'm really kind of amazed neither of us has gotten an answer. As I write this, you have 186 views, and my question has 40 views. A lot of people without answers!
I use Little Snitch, which denies outside connections to applications/processes unless you've allowed i ...

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Tor & Little Snitch Settings

by sudon't in General Questions

  sudon't   7 months ago

I was under the impression that Tor (Tor Browser Bundle for Mac) only connected via port 9150. But Little Snitch shows Tor trying to access different servers on many different ports. What I'm wondering is, is it ok to allow Tor to access, via Little Snitch Rules, Any Connection? Is that a sa ...

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