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Is there any reason in VPN over TOR?

by saturn in Userspace Software

  sysfu   8 months ago

The tracking of payment info problem can be solved by using a provider that provides token based access purchasable in Bitcoin.
Currently, is the only VPN service I am aware of with this type of payment infrastructure.

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Chronic 504 Connect to hiddenservice.onion:80 TTL expired

by sysfu in General Questions

  sysfu   8 months ago

For the past few weeks there have been lots of errors connecting to the duckduckgo hidden service via Polipo proxy => Tor relay.
These errors keep showing up in the web browser. "504 Connect to 3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion:80 failed: SOCKS error: TTL expired"
I have changed the tor relay log leve ...

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Losing login session/cookie once logged in

by thekos in General Questions

  sysfu   8 months ago

I have the same issue with multiple web sites, especially web forums, where I am constantly having to login again and again. I believe this has something to do with the regular intervals where Tor tears down and rebuilds a circuit and the exit node changes.
If anyone has found a way to resolve ...

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LastPass + TOR = Anonymous?

by TORisaTOR in Security Questions

  sysfu   8 months ago

What would be ideal is if Lastpass could be convinced to setup Tor hidden service access to their servers. That way all Lastpass extension connections over Tor would be end to end encrypted.
I do not trust HTTPS to keep my traffic secure from malicious Tor exit nodes. Also your traffic is expose ...

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