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Some sites ban TOR

by kurudi in General Questions

  uncleTon   last month

Yes, it is possible to chain Tor with tunnels like VPNs, proxies and SSH.
Your traffic can be sent through both Tor and the second tunnel, in either order.
You -> Tor -> proxy/VPN/SSH -> Internet
You -> proxy/VPN/SSH -> Tor -> Internet
However, this is an advance ...

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Breaking security of Tor Network

by Serious Sam in Userspace Software

  uncleTon   6 months ago

I believe the TOR project has already patched the issues you mention.

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VPN + Tor = more anonymity?

by loverock in Security Questions

  uncleTon   7 months ago

Hi, I have read Air VPN's suggestion and forum reply wrt. and feel as if something is amiss. Is it just a hack that happens to work because the connection to the Tor entry guard via which the OpenVPN connection is tunneled is never brought down? Because Tor will try to establish new connections over ...

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